The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe

1. August 2016
The Kilaueas ans Surfer Joe

Play The Astronauts & More…

Release date: AUGUST 1st, 2016
12″ Vinyl + Digital

Available at Surfer Joe Store, many online shops and most digital distribution platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.)


Nearly everyone who is interested in surf music listens to The Astronauts songs. In 1963 The Astronauts were produced by RCA, in the middle of the surf era, and they collaborated with famous Lee Hazlewood who also composed some legendary surf songs, like Baja, The Hearse and Surf’s You Right.

But why there has never been an “Astronauts tribute album” or something similar? Today a lot of bands still have Astronauts’ songs in their set, but nobody has worked on a more complete “Astronauts project”. We have all the weapons we need: Fender Showman Amps, Reverb tanks, Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars!

Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini, the International Surf Music Ambassador, is a well known musician in the modern surf scene, constantly on tour worldwide with his band spreading out the sound of traditional surf music. Lorenzo is also the co-producer of the Surfer Joe Summer Festival, today’s biggest surf music event.

The Kilaueas are a German band from Berlin active since 1998 dedicated to the traditional surf sound and acclaimed as one of the best surf combos for their compositions and their amazing live performances.

Since 2011 Lorenzo has played drums on some tours with the Kilaueas and they had the idea to do a tribute album to the Astronauts. In a few shows, where also Alex Faide (Los Twang Marvels) was added on third guitar, the extended Kilaueas played a long set of Astronauts’ tunes. The audience liked it a lot as it was really featuring that particular kind of sound impact!

The time has come to turn that idea into reality: with this album we want to honor The Astronauts for their great work and unforgettable surf sound!

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